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Sunday, September 17, 2006 

Chicken n Cheese Puffs...


* Puff Pastry dough
* Chicken cubes 1/2 cup
* Cheese grated 2 tbsp
* Any masala of your choice for marination

Marinate chicken in the masala of your choice for an hour. You can use tikka masala or tandoori masala. Or, you can use chicken pieces from your leftover curry.
Roll dough into a square roti. Cut them in 4.
Spread chicken cubes in the centre, top it with grated cheese.
Bring opposite diagonals together, apply water on the edges and seal them into triangles.
Bake in a pre-heated oven for 10-15 minutes.
Serve hot with ketchup/chilli sauce.

So, now you have drop down boxes too. Your blog is looking better than ever, Daagh.

many thanks Vaishali :-)

cicken and cheese puffs look yummy.. I have tried veggie puffs with puff pastry sheets an dit turned out good.. Is puff pastry dough too available?

hi Prema

Yes, you can get puff pastry dough from Sainsbury/Waitrose.

thanks for your comments :-)

hey..i just wanted to ask what do you mean by chicken cubes?

Chicken cubes means chicken breast cut in small cubes as per your taste.

Is the chicken cooked prior?? and how is that doneE???

you can use pre-boiled chicken... even if you are using raw marinated chicken, 10-15 mins of cooking is more than enough to cook them properly...

can u tell me the process of pre boiling chicken with the tandoori mix

marinate chicken for an hour or so in tandoori masala and then boil it in a non stick pan for 4-5 minutes with half a cup of water on high heat. keep stirring continously to evaporate the water.

I tried this one......and they turned out too good......i just cooked the chicken with tikka masala n tiny bit of green masala.A hit at tea parties

good one Nikhat...

waise where are you from?


I m from Belgaum....which is closer to Bglr.

o yes i remember belgaum... whenever i use to travel from bhusawal(my native place) to Bangalore(where i use to work) i use to take KK express train and belgaum use to come around 2:30 in the morning... thats where i use to to have my last tea before going to sleep.

Right bro.......a small city.....famous for reputed colleges.Bhusawal to Bglr. thats a pretty long journey.......hmmm uska apna alag maza the way happy anniversary to both of u(i know i missed it by a day)

i know... its almost 24 hours journey but use to be fun :-)

Thanks sisso *hugs*

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