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Monday, December 05, 2005 

Chicken Whole Masala...

Source: My Mom's recipe.

This is again a simple and very delicious recipe. Cooking time around half an hour.

* Chicken 500 gms
* Onions 4 mediun
* Green Masala (garlic, ginger and green chillies)
* Whole corriander seeds 2 tb sp
* Whole red chillies 10-12
* Whole black pepper 8-10
* Whole clove 4-5
* Whole Elaichi 2
* Salt
* Oil 6 tb sp

Heat 2 tb sp oil. Add chopped onion. Cook till it is transparent.
Blend the oinion. Add green masala and cook for 2 minutes.
Add chicken and cook for 15 minutes.
Grind red chillies, whole corrainder, black pepper, clove and elaichi. Add four table spoon oil and make a red paste.
Add this red paste to the chicken and cook for another 10 minutes.
Add salt and ready to serve.

Hi! Really eager to try your recipes. I'm a beginner and had a basic question on the cooking method of chicken with curries/karahi. What heat do you cook it on so the chicken remains tender, low the whole time? Or do you first fry the chicken for a few minutes to dry its natural water then cook it on medium , low etc...I get the basic concept of making curries, but the chicken nevr turns out soft and tender. THanks:)

Hey mina... welcome to the world of curries...

yeah you have got it right. cook first 5-8 minutes on high heat and then cook on medium heat till you see the oil seperate. after that if you want to keep it hot, you can lower the heat and let it cook for another 20 mins or so to let all the spices infuse in the chicken.

am sure you must have noticed the leftover chicken/mutton tastes better it is because it is reheated and the spices just penetrate into the meat.

why does masala does not penetrate in the chicken?

i tried this recipe but 10-12 red chiles means very very hot curry... and after i grind the spices, its not very red. How is yours so red? THere is not tomato in it either

What is Elaichi? Is that cardamon?

Hi Bob,

yes elaichi is cardamom.

Anonymous, the chillies i used were not too hot hence i mentioned 10-12... and these are proper red ones so it gives color as well... may be next time ask your grocer to recommend you some red chillies that are good in color and not too hot

Cut the chillies into 2 and take out the seeds by shaking the chillies a bit.

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