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Monday, July 17, 2006 

Amazon Cucumber Juice...

* Cucumber 1 Kg
* Green Chillies 1-2
* Corriander leaves
* Mint leaves
* Roasted zeera powder 1 tsp
* Lemon juice
* Salt

Take out the juice of all the cucumbers leaving just 1 cucumber aside.
Chop the remaining 1 cucumber into small cubes.
Blend cucumber cubes, with all the remaining ingredients.
Add the cucumber juice and ice cubes. Shake well.
Serve chilled.

Happy to c u back again...that is cool as cucumber!!

Many thanks doc :-)

Daagh, are you sure the glass is not gonna tip over? :)

hehe :-)

well i was too lazy to go in and take the pic so i took it in the balcony.

where do you get your recipes from? I have seen these same recipes on the bohra net website along with the same pics. Anyhow, cool site and thanks for sharing!

many thanks...

those recipes are mine :-) I have permitted the admin of Bohranet to post my recipes there.

omg, you're saleem pothiwalla! I love ur recipes!! Ur wife is a lucky woman! Are u a chef?

heheheh :-)

thank you. No, I am not a chef and my wife is a wonderful cook as well :-)

Thankyou for your wonderful recipes.
In the first line when you say "take out the juice of all the cucumbers", do you mean removing the juice just by blending the cucumbers or do you use some other method ( like blending and then straining so we get clear juice)

many thanks for your kind words

i used fruit juicer to take the juice out of cucumbers. but you can also try blending and then straining it out

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