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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

Date Balls...

Date balls or khajoor balls, is one of the Eid special dishes Fatee makes every year. She makes one more variation of it but I liked this one better. I will ask her to make the other one as well and let you lot decide which one is better for you :-)

* Dry dates (khajoor) 20-25
* Milk 1 cup
* Khoya or Barfi 250 gms
* Desiccated cocunut 2 tbsp

Soak dates overnight in water.
Chop them into small pieces and cook them with milk till all the milk is absorbed by the dates.
Add khoya/barfi to the dates and cook for 5 mins on medium heat.
Blend everything into a paste. Add sugar if needed.
Make balls and roll them in coconut. Serve chilled.

Hi Daagh
Just wondering where one can get khoya from or can one make it at home?

you can get it from any desi sweet shop... or as i suggested, you can add barfi instead of khoya

Do you fry them? 'coz they look like theyve been fried.. and also , do you add sugar or not? ( i know you said if needed , but how would I know?)
p.s: sorry for the stupid Qs

hi there

sorry for not being too clear...

no you dont have to try them... the dates when cooked turns dark brown...

if you are adding barfi then you dont need to add any sugar coz its sweet already... but if you are adding khoya then you might need to add some sugar... taste the dough and see if the sugar is just right... add if you need sweeter

something different and a nutritious treat, i would love to try.Thanks daagh!

Thanks Lera...give it a try and do let us know how it turned out.

hey daagh
what type of khajoors did u use?
dried ones as in chowaraay

Yes Mona we used choowarey... the dried ones. Just soak them overnight and they will be soft and soggy

Hello, I love ur recipes. I have been look for this recipe since Eid is almost here. I was wondering how do u make a paste of the dates and barfi/khoya mixture. Do I do it with a back of the spoon or in blender.

Would really appreciate ur advice.


thanks Tassu

we blend them with a blender... make sure not to blend it too much.

all the best

hey, where i live i cant find choowarey kajoor! and ive never in my life seen or heard of khoya. can u please post the other recipe.

you can use fresh dates instead of choowarey khajoor...

and use barfi mithai instead of khoya (or khoa) remember not to add sugar if you are using barfi

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