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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Layers wala Paratha...

Roll a thick roti.
Make a cut.
Apply oil.
Sprinke aata.

Roll the thick roti from one end.
Keep it rolling till it completes a full circle.

After rolling, it will look like above.
Twist and press from top.
Make it a round thingee.
Roll the paratha.

Cook it on medium heat.
Apply oil on both sides while cooking

It should look like this.
All layers. got it to be round!! I can't do that yet.

it wasnt me :-p

my housemate did it for me. She is a good roti make :-D

kool, that's how I make my parathas aswell :)

I love the way you did the Layers wala Paratha.

What is the recipe for this Paratha?

I like to try this.


hi there

thanks for liking the paratha...

to make dough, use wheat flour and add a couple of table spoons of oil and a pich of salt to it. Knead it using luke warm water.

I hope this answers your question, the other instructions are below each picture. Let me know if you need more information.



thanx for posting pic on how to make the paratha.. had been experimenting with no success.. hopefully will manage it right this time..

thanks... i wish you all the best for your next attempt

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