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Monday, January 01, 2007 

Cold Chocolate Cake...

This is the first dish Fatee made in India when she came for Nikah. It was a hit then and it is a hit still :-) I am sure you guys will agree with me that it is one of the simplest and different cake you will ever eat.

* Cocoa powder 4 tbsp
* Eggs 3
* Butter 100 gms (4 tbsp)
* Caster sugar 1/2 cup (or as per taste)
* Instant Coffee powder 1 tsp
* Marie biscuits 1 packet (200gms)
* Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp

Beat eggs, cocoa powder, butter, caster sugar and coffee powder in a bowl.
Heat water in a pan and as soon as the steam starts to rise, put this bowl on the boiling water pan and keep beating untill the liquid turns into thick paste.
Make sure the bowl does not touch the steaming water.
Keep the sauce aside for a while till it returns to the room temperature. Add vanilla extract to the sauce.
Crush biscuits into medium size pieces.
Mix 3/4th of the chocolate sauce into the biscuits.
Roll them into a round thingee in a cling film so it looks like a thick rolling pin (belan).
Freeze it for a couple of hours and slice them.
Serve immediately pouring some of the remaining chocolate sauce and cream over them.

Chocolate cake looks mouth watering. Looks so yummy

thanks Seema :-)


I am chocoholic and those chocolate cake looks so delicious and pretty can't wait have one.

thanks Sri

do let us know how it turned out

what are marie biscuits? this looks really yummy!

thansk Amelie...

Marie is a brand of 'Rich Tea' biscuits you in India and Pakistan.

Hi Daagh/Fatee,

Thanks for sharing this recipe.

I tried ur recipe and it came out very delicious. The only thing I did wrong was that I made my sauce way too the end of stirring my sauce was like a paste.

My question is how do we know when to take it off the steam and the eggs r cooked? I wish to make it again and I really want to know is there a trick or something to indicate when the sauce is edible.

I used my sauce and made marie biscuit sandwiches.

Take care and keep posting plz.


Dear Ayesha

Thanks for your kind words...

The secret for perfect consistency for the chocolate sauce is to heat the liquid on a low steam heat. i.e. as soon as the water starts steaming, reduce the heat and keep stirring, once you see that the liquid is thick enough to be poured into the biscuit pieces, take it off the heat.

All the best for the next attempt :-)

Hi Daagh,

I made this today and it turned out great.Thanks for the wonderful recipe.


thanks Manju :-)

thank u soo much for the recepie.. i tried it yesterday, and was amazing..thanks alot...

you are most welcome Shayistha

you say in the recipeto :Roll them into a round thingee in a cling film so it looks like a thick rolling pin (belan).

how i do that? will the sause that thick like a dough that i wil be able to roll it? help me in this? cause i wanna try this recipe for this dinner im veing on weekend.


sorry for all the confusion. by rolling i meant make it like a roll. So what you do is wrap the mixture in cling film like you wrap a sweet and make it a roll.

I just love ur blog and trust me ur simple and mouth watering recipes actually inspired to start coking on my own! i have tried most of ur recipes, but this turned out so exceptioaly good that i cant help myself posting a comment! the best part about is this is such a quickie recipe! keep up the gud work! thnx

Can i use powdered sugar instead of castor sugar??Please help

yes, powdered sugar should be perfectly fine.

Aslm Alkm fatee,
tried out this recipe of urs and it turned out delicious....Just wanted to tel u that ur blog rocks..I can imagine how hard it must be with a new born at home,but please do keep posting more and more of ur signature recipes....

hello zeb

thanks for your kind words... we will try to add as many recipes as often... keep checking

i really 'really' wanted to make the same one as my aunt used to make it, back in my childhood, and te result was somewhat the same.

A perfect one :)

jazak Allah!
Stay beautiful!

thanks leemz :-)

How do you put the bowl on the boiling water? do u hold it there without it touching the water?


hi there

use a smaller bowl to boil water so that your chocolate bowl sits on it and is heated by the steam and such that there is no contact with water.

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