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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Chocolate Hodgepodge...

This one is made by my wifey... It is made in six layers.

* Chocolate chip cookies 200 gms
* Cooking chocolate 100 gms
* Cream 200 gms
* Pineapple 1 can
* Strawberry jelly 1 pack
* Butter 1 tbsp

Layer1: Crush the cookies and roast them in butter. Keep a little bit of cookies for last layer.
Layer2: Cut half the pineapples in chunks.
Layer3: Melt chocolate and mix half the cream in it.
Layer4: Set the strawberry jelly, cut them in small cubes.
Layer5: Mix the pineapple juice into the remaining cream. Add sugar to taste.
Layer6: Lay the remaining pineapple chunks and the remaining cookies.

Refrigerate it for a couple of hours before serving.

Hi, You really have a nice collection of tasty recipes, will try soon some of these. BTW, check this one out,

Thanks Rakhee for bringing the stolen recipe to my attention. I found out that not only that but loads of other recipes are stolen as well. But cant help...

Dear Daagh
Iwould like to tell you that all your recipes are user friendly. Very tasty. I tried out quiet abit of them from your blog,& none of them betrayed. Thank you very much for providing really good recipes.
Regards, Piyali.

thank you very much Piyali :-)

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