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Friday, January 06, 2006 


I saw some dough and thought of making paratha... then I remembered the Papads lying in the cupboard so I came up with this papad-paratha. It tasted different :-)

* Papad 1
* Red Chilli powder
* Dough (Atta)

Roast the papad and crush it with hands. Add some chilli powder. If you like, you can add some chat masala as well.
Roll two rotis of medium size.
Lay the crushed papad on one of the rotis.
Apply some water on the sides of the roti and cover it with the other roti.
Roll this layered Paratha a bit so that the crushed papad is evenly spread in between two rotis.
Roast it with some oil.
Serve with achar/yoghurt.

this is similar to how i made palak aaloo(left-overs)wala paratha yesterday .. *hula*


wah jee... you can make a paratha this way with any filling of your choice. I am planning to try some fruit wala paratha someday :-D

Well...i have made all types of parathas as my hubby is a big fan of parathas and loves them. As i was busy working and felt hungry in the middle of the night so I just remembered that I had read this recipe the other day and as I had no leftover in the fride only daal which was not enough to fill my tummy I made the papad paratha and wah jee wah ... it was excellent and with the daal it tasted more delicious.If u try the fruit paratha do post it.

ahan... i do get some hunger pangs at night as well... but i am way to lazy to go in the kitchen and make a paratha :-D

thanks for your feedback. I will definitely post some summer fruit paratha soon :-)

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