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Thursday, January 11, 2007 

Paneer Makhni...

* Paneer 200 gms
* Onion 1 medium
* Tomatoes 1 medium
* Yoghurt 1 cup
* Red chilli powder 1 tbsp
* Tikka masala 2 tbsp
* Cream 2 tsp
* Fresh corriander leaves
* Oil

Chop onions and tomatoes into rough pieces. Heat oil and fry them till the onions are light golden.
Blend the onions and tomatoes into a paste and cook for few minutes till the oil seperates.
Turn down the heat to low.
Mix tikka masala with yoghurt and add to the onion-tomato paste.
Cook on low heat for 5-8 minutes. Add salt and red chilli powder to taste.
Add 1 square inch paneer pieces to the gravy and cook for 5 minutes.
Garnish with finely chopped fresh corriander and serve hot with parathas.

This dish looked soooooo delicious and simple that the moment I saw it I made it.... it is yummy !!!!
I'll always be looking for Paneer recipes and I have to say that this is the best.
Thanks for posting such simple a delicious recipe.

Thanks :-)

I am glad you liked it

wuts da difference between paneer and cheese?

Cheese and Paneer are prepared by splitting milk and pressing the milk solids.

The splitting is done using enzymes in the case of cheese and using sourlime in the case of paneer.

Paneer is fresh whereas Cheese is allowed to mature where some micro-organisms also play a part.

so basically if you boil the milk and add lemon juice, and once it splits get rid of the liquid you end up with paneer?

yes, boil milk, let it come to room temperature then add lemon juice. Once it splits... tie it in a moslin cloth to drain excess water. Paneer is ready... or easier to buy it from any desi shop... its also called as cottage cheese

thnx Daagh

Paneer makhani looks delicious..i came here through a search for paneer recipe..glad i found your blog...nice collection of recipes...

thanks Maheshwari :-)


I am regular visitor of your blog.. Every recipe is different.. I like almost all :) but not this one.. I tried this at home with curd and everything but it appears quite sour to me... Suggest something else than using only curd .. otherwise dish looks great..

oh... sorry to know that your dish turned out too sour may be because of the kind of yoghurt you used... we use greek style set yoghurt which is not too sour. May be you can try using a couple of table spoons of tomato puree...

Hey this looks so good.Might have tastes even better because i believe the best treat to eyes complimemt the tasty food too..Thanx for sharing

thanks Doc for your wonderful words. please is all ours.

Hey, I tried this dish and it tasted excellent. Thanks a lot...

thanks dolan :-)

This looks so demicious... i waana try right away. But what is tikka masala? do i have to make it at home or can i find it in stores? if yes does it says "tikka masala" on the jar or box in the store. please reply as i wanna try it right away.

thanks Kanthi...

yes you get tikka masala in any desi store... it will say 'Chicken Tikka Masala' or 'Tandoori Masala'

The first tym ive really liked paneer...
and yeah..the first tym ive cooked paneer...
cant thank u enuf for this amazing recipe!!
the easiest and the most delicious paneer recipe!

thanks chavvi for your kind words :-)

Hi daagh, wat can i use instead of the tikka masala?

Excellent recipe, thanks so much for sharing.

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