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Monday, January 21, 2008 

Egg Halwa

I know it sounds a bit strange but you can make a halwa out of eggs. That too with minimal ingredients and loads of patience.

* Eggs 12
* Ghee 1/2 kilo
* Sugar 1/2 kilo
* Khoya/Condensed milk 100 gm
* Elaichi 8-10
* Almonds, Pistachio and Cashewnuts 1/2 cup finely chopped.

* Break all the eggs in a measuring jug. Note the mesurement. Empty it in a thick base saucepan.
* Measure equal amount of melted (not hot but at room temperature) ghee and add it to the eggs.
* Measure equal amount of sugar and add it to the ghee n egg mixture.
* Blend it with a blender so that everything turns into a smooth liquids.
* Put this liquid on low heat and keep stirring from the minute you put it on the stove.
* After around 30 minutes, minute balls of egg will be formed in the liquid and it will turn a bit dark.
* Add khoya/condensed milk and elaichi powder, again keep stirring.
* After another 20 minutes, it will turn into a thickish paste with ghee separating from the mixture.
* Add this mixture into a big tray and it will level itself cleanly. Sprinkle the chooped nuts over the mixture.
* Drain excess ghee into a pan and can be reused.
* Cut the halwa into pieces of your choice.
* Enjoy the egg halwa before/after/during meals.
* I like to warm it a bit before eating.

You can give it a try by using 1-2 eggs, it will be ready sooner and it will be a trial before you go out and make it for your family and friends.

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Simply Delicioso!

I usually make beda paak/mesoob with 4 eggs and the whole thing gets done within 20 mins. Maybe I will try it with 2 eggs next time to see how fast it gets done...maybe 10-15 mins :)

Congratulations on becoming a daddy!

thanks nis, yeah try with 2 eggs am sure it will be done in 10-15 mins or so.

Sounds VERY delicious I m going to try making it today thanks :)

Sounds VERY delicious I m going to try making it today thanks :)

Sounds VERY delicious I m going to try making it today thanks :)

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