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Sunday, February 26, 2006 

Roth (Cookies)

* Maida 1 cup
* Sooji 1 cup
* Sugar 3/4 cup
* Ghee 1/2 cup
* Baking powder 1/2 tbsp
* Dry fuits
* Milk 1/2 cup

Mix maida, sooji and baking powder.
Add ghee and mix thoroughly.
Add sugare and dry fruits.
Add some milk to nead it into a hard dough.
Make small rounds and press them into flat cookie like shapes.
Pre heat the oven to 200. Line butter paper in the baking tray put these flat cookie and bake them for 10-12 minutes.
Serve with tea/coffee.

Hey i always wanted this recipe....just brings back memories of my dad bought them every week fresh and hot from the dadi made them at home for Mohramm.........hmm will try soon.We make them with jaggery too.In my pregnancy i craved for roth, my mom got them for me when she was here for my delivery.Hmmm our roots our u guys make gulgule.

my dadi use to make them every year without fail during Mohararam :-)

my mom has still kept the tradition alive ...

yeah we do make gulgule but it is more of a monsoon thingee... when in india power cut ho jaata hai because of rain... and dad is at home coz shop close kar dete the... us brothers use to be at home in the afternoon... and then mom would make pakores and gulgules... and we use to eat them on sofa under a duvet... memories memories :-)

I felt so nice to read this one...........i donno somehow rains bring back so many memories of my childhood and my family.........i still make fried stuff when it rains........yum yum.

infact most of ur recipes are similar to mine thats why love to read them...esp. the hara masala thing.i always have it in my makes my life easy.

yeah just a small event triggers so many memories.

the green paste idea was Fatee's idea. At home, mom uses ginger-garlic paste and green chillies alagh se. But yeah this green paste makes life so much easy.

Oh btw i have updated MaKhsuus :-)

hmmmm its actually a exact recipe we use to make roth at home..!! thought something different we do is i dont add dry fruits nor do i bake 10-12 minutes our baking time are very different..!!

I see, do you bake is longer or shorter than we do?

Hi Daagh,

Just yesterday I made your rotts and they were very good.

My question is do we let the dough sit for few mins. or do we bake right away. I baked right away and I liked them, but there were a bit hard. Are rotts supposed to be hard?

And how did you make your rotts look so nice and round, mine were round but not perfect looking like yours.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. Next time I'll try to brush the rots with milk+Saffron solution, thats what they used to do in India.


Hi Aisha

thanks for the comment

yes, roths are supposed to be harder.. so you got it right the first time :-)

yeah they do apply saffron and milk over the roths...

regarding shape... i am sure you will get them perfect the next time.

Hi... Ur Roths look yumm..... Really want to try.... But I have a question... How much dry fruits do we have to add n is it powdered dry fruits or chopped...?

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