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Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Laal Gosht...

It is a Rajasthani dish also known as Laal Maas. Very rich, hot and spicy dish.

* Mutton 250 gms
* Whole Dhaniya 2 tsp
* Whole Red chillies 6-8
* Onions 2 medium
* Whole garam masala 1 tsp
* Oil
* Yoghurt 1 cup
* Green paste 1 tsp

Heat tawa, roast dhaniya and red chilles for a minute. Blend them into a paste with onion.
Marinate bite size pieces of mutton in green paste and onion-dhaniya-chilli paste and yoghurt for an hour.
Finely chop onions. Fry them till light golden. Add marinated mutton. Cook till oil seperates.
Add a cup of water and let it cook till mutton becomes tender.
Serve hot with parathas/naan.

Your name. What does it denotes ?

When I read it, I remembered a ghazal sung by Begu Akhtar, written by " Daag Dehlvi"

uzr aane me.n bhii hai aur bulaate bhii nahii.n
baais-e-tark-e-mulaaqaat bataate bhii nahii.n

[uzr = hesitate; bais = reason]
[tark-e-mulaaqaat = terminating acquaintanceship]

Khuub pardaa hai ke chilman se lage baiThe hai.n
saaf chhupate bhii nahii.n saamane aate bhii nahii.n

ho chukaa qata ta'lluq to jafaaye.n kyo.n ho
jin ko matalab nahii.n rahataa vo sataate bhii nahii.n

ziist se tang ho ai 'Daag' to jiite kyo.n ho
jaan pyaarii bhii nahii.n jaan se jaate bhii nahii.n

wah wah kya baat hai...

i like poetry by Daag Dehelvi...

hab-e-visaal hai roshan chiraag gul kar do
khushi ki bazm mein kya kaam jalne walo ka

my cyber name was inspired by a character the book A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth :-)

I think it is my first time here. What is the green paste? It looks really rich and spicy like you said.

Kuttan thanks :) yeah it was very spicy and lovely

heres the link to green paste

lage raho saleem bhai!!brilliant job!!

many thanks Doc

where are you gayab these days?

Well thanks for sharing, I guess it should be great for lunch tomorrow, thanks for the recipe.

Very good recipe it looks really delicious, but I think it could be joined with other ingredients in order the dish getting color.

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