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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 


I know, you guys must be wondering what this new recipe is... well its not a recipe but our baby girl!!!

We had a baby girl on 22nd Jan. Mom and the baby are doing perfectly fine.

We havent named her yet, the naming ceremony will be on Sunday inshaAllah so am calling her Timki till then :-)

Here are a couple of her pics i took an hour after she was born...

Keep us in your prayers guys... will be back with our recipes soon inshaAllah.

What a precious darling baby Timki! CONGRATULATIONS to you D. Daddy's girl already!!;D

Mashallah!! She's sooooo adorable :-) Congratulations to both the new parents !

She's sooooo lovely..God bless her. All the best.
( From a random reader who liked your palak tamatar)

she has a headful of hair!! what a darling. congrats to you both.

Mashallah !! Daagh bhai bacchi bahot bahot pyari hai.Timki is really a cute nick name..........keep posting her pictures on the blog. Congrats to Fatee and u !Allah aap teeno ko saari khushi de Ameen!


Congratulations to both of you!Timki is chooo... chweet!May God bless the little angel.Thank you so much for putting her pics too.

This is the best dish yet! Lol! Congratulations, she is absolutely adorable! Very happy for you both, and will be looking forward to how your recipes change to accomodate the babe! :) BTW, I am also expecting (second child, I already have a 7-yr.old DD--darling daughter), and am due next month.., which is why I have been off and on for awhile.

Thanks all for your wonderful wishes... fatee and baby are doing fine...

thanks Asha, she is my jaanu bacha :-D

thank you mona :-)

thanks rashmi... please do visit again

thanks bee... she will be a bald baby next Monday :-( we have to shave off her head for a religious ritual

shukria Nikhat... I will keep uploading her pictures...

pleasure was all ours Sumitha...

Gaijin, i know shes such a wonderful dish :-D fatee's ammi is the one who is doing all the cooking these days... I will get back to the routine soon inshaAllah.
wow... wish you all the best for your second one... inshaAllah all will be fine, May Allah help you have a smooth and easy delivery. Ameen :-)

Lots and lots of congratulations to both you an dFatee. I know Fatee through GUPSHUP and you know what, I had this feeling taht Fatee was pregnant - even though I haven't spoken to her for a while!

Bohot bohot mubarak, and may Allah SWT bless your daughter with a long, happy and healthy life. Ameen

(Wannabe_a_mum from Gupshup!)

Salam, ConGrats to u and ur wife. What a Joyous moment... cant wait til mine in Aug. ;-).....Insha'ALLAH....looking fwd to ur recipes again at ur Own pace :-D....take it easy and cherish the momentss....

Many congratulations to you and Fatee! Timki is simply adorable :)...I guess by now the Chatti and Akika must have happened. Ghani mubarakbadi sagla ne.

For suvawri's we also make golpapdi with all kinds of goodness in it like soonth, ajwain, etc. Am sure Fatee's mom will be making it. It's my fav! I don't have any kids but used to love it when my mom made it for my sisters after their delivery. The beda paak that your mil made also looks awesome. That's my husband's fav.

Congratulations for your BUNDLE OF JOY...shez very very cute.

many thanks Wanna_be

i have passed on your message to fatee :-)

Y, w'salam and thanks a lot. Wish you all the best for yours in August. Is it your first baby as well? May Allah make things easy for you and may He give you a healthy and naik kid.

nis, kem cho?
oh yeah ammi has made some golpapdi for fatee but shes not a big fan of it, so i am helping her out with finishing them :-)
akika is on Monday on 21st day. we named her Lamiya

Sabita, thanks a lot for your wishes. I will post some more pics of hers in the other blog soon.

Hearty congrats to you and Fatee...when the posts became quite infrequent, I did guess that you are going to come with a very special dish!! Oh Timki is so adorable and she looks very much like u I think....anyway all the good wishes to all of care...

many thanks doc :-)

Congratulations!!! Your baby is adorable.May God bless her abundantly.

thanks for your wonderful wishes :-)

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