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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 

Chicken Chow Mein...

* Egg noodles 1 packets
* Carrot 2 medium
* Bean sprouts 1/2 cup
* Cabbage 1/2 medium
* Spring onions 4-5
* Boneless chicken 250 gms cut in small cubes
* Soya sauce 1 tbsp
* Egg 1
* Cornflour 2 tbsp
* Salt
* Oil
* White pepper powder 1 tsp
* Green chillies 2-3
* Ginger 1/2 inch (julian cut)

Marinate chicken in egg, cornflour, salt and white pepper powder for half an hour.
Boil noodles.
Julian cut carrot, cabbage and spring onions.
Heat oil, add chopped ginger and fry for a while.
Add chicken along with the marinde and fry till tender.
Add mixed vegetables, bean sprouts, soya sauce, salt and white pepper. Stir fry.
Add the boiled noodles to the stir fry vegetables and chicken. Cook for a couple of minutes.
Serve with soup.

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what a wonderful space you have here...surprising to know that I never came here...I checked out some very interesting recipes...great going...

btw have you enrolled in Sailu's Taste of India?..if not, pls do..I dont' want to miss out your wonderful updates!

I love noodles..Will try this sometime..u have a nice blog

I have been frequenting your blog for some time now and this is my first comment. Your recipes are truly very good. I am hooked to the blog. I keep checking it almost daily to see if you posted something new. I tried some of the recipes and they turned our DELISH!! Will try this one as well.. Thanks and keep posting. Fakhera

hi srivalli, thanks for your kind words...
i have requested sailu to add me to her list as well... lets see...

many thanks divya, let us know how it turned out...

hello Fakhera, thanks for your comments, its the comments like you that keep us going :-)
do keep trying our recipes and keep us updated with the results...

This recipe is really nutritive because it has different vegetables, it was what I liked because I figure out it has a perfect flavor and it's healthy.m10m

Excellent this is a good recipe so I didn't know that I needed all these ingredients i order to prepare it.

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