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Friday, July 04, 2008 

ARAD firstcut

Dear Visitors

First of all my aplogies for not responding to your comments more promptly. I was a bit too busy with designing and finalising the new weebsite Here is the first cut. This is how the default page will look like. Please ignore the stupid names and descriptions of the recipes, it is picking up information from the test database.

In a week or so I guess I will have a testing environment ready for you guys. A few volunteers to test out the trial version would be really helpful to iron out bugs and to add/remove some functionalities.

Some of the features I am planning to add are
  • Users will be able to add recipes to their favourite recipes section so that they wont have to search through the recipes every time
  • Search will be very thorough on ingredients, cuisine, course, title, veg/non-veg, cooking time, preparation time, etc etc
  • A 'Related Recipe' section will be added to each recipe
  • The quantity of ingredients will change upon selection of number of people to be served.
  • More than one image per recipe
  • Printer friendly version of each recipe
  • Email a recipe to a friend facility
  • Email notification of new recipes (if you want to be added to the list, obviously)

I guess thats all for now, please let me know if you think of any other feature you need.

That looks awesome! So looking forward to it..

Gorgeous looking site!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow!that sounds very promising...
wonderful effort indeed...all the best to both of u...hope the little chweetypie is doing fine..

thanks all for the encouragement :-)

Indi - many thanks, Timki is growing up fast and very well, hows your little one doing?

eagerly waiting ...
I could help you with testing the trial version.
take care.

many thanks for your help :-) will let you know as soon as I have the trial version uploaded. I dont get enough time to work on this because of some certification exams i am preparing for and also because of Ramadan... :-(

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