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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 

Mozzarella Bread Patties

Watched this recipe on a tele a few days ago, it was a simple western style food, I made it desi style with some spices.

* Bread 8 slices
* Milk half a cup
* Mozzarella cheese 250 gm
* Tikka masala 1 tbsp
* Green chillies 1
* Fresh Corriander
* Lemon juice
* Oil for frying
* Egg 1 medium

Cut bread pieces using cookie cutter or may be a glass.
Chop mozzarella into slices. marinate it with tikka masala, chopped corriander and lemon juice.
Pour milk over a plate so that it forms a thin layer. Dip two slices, (only one side) of bread in milk, place the cheese slice in between two slices (milk side) and gently press it so that the cheese is properly sealed.
Dip this patty in beaten egg and fry on low-medium heat untill the colour turns light brown. Frying on high heat will cook the patty from outside but will be soggy from inside.
Serve hot with sauce and chutney.

Thats a rich and delicious sandwich recipe

Love the gooey cheese oozing out!

looks yummylicious,..

h..look at that ooozing out cheese..would love to have that plate right away..

aaahhh...oozing out cheese in bread looks tempting dear!

lovely recipe dear... im sure kids will have enough calcium without any complaints

this is too good yar. Looking mouth watering, bread like this is my all time favourite. let me try like that now.

too good yaar...

looks yummy!

many thanks all for liking it :-)

let me know if you tried it, and if you made any changes then let me know that as well so that i can try them later...

the best... thanks...

thanks amarnath :-)

Hi, first visit to your blog. came thru' Happy burp blog. I was wondering if you deep fried it or shallow fried it. If you did deep fry then do you think shallow frying would work.

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