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Sunday, December 11, 2005 

Chicken Manchurian...

Ingredients: To serve 4
* Chicken breast 250 gms
* Tomato-Chilli ketchup 1 cup
* Chicken stock 1 cup
* White pepper 1 tab sp
* Corn floor 3 tb sp
* Egg 1
* Green paste 1 tab sp
* Garlic 4-5 cloves
* Green chillies 2-3

- For chicken:
Marinate chicken pieces in 1 beaten egg, 2 sp corn flour, 1/2 sp white pepper, salt and sugar.
Marinate for 1.5 hours.
Shallow fry chicken pieces, without turning them brown, on low heat.
- For sauce:
Heat 2 tb sp oil. Add chopped garlic and green chillies.
Add tomato-chilli ketchup.
Add chicken stock.
Add salt, sugar and white pepper.
Add 1 tab sp corn floor.
Once the sauce starts to boil, add the fried chicken pieces.
Cook for five minutes.
Serve hot on boiled or fried rice.

Do you have to use white pepper or can u substitute black pepper for it? Also, does corn flour=corn starch?

It looks really yummy!

Hi. Can you tell me what Tomato-chilli ketchup is? I'm in the US and was wondering what might be comparable here.


Nice! blog started on 2nd December ahmm ahmm

Can u please tell me what is green or can it be homemade??

Looks and sounds delish! Learning to cook this summer inshaAllah :D. Would you know or have a recpie for hakka chow mein or manchurian chow mein? Would be lovely to see some indian chinese khana.

thanks all.

I will try and post recipes of chow meins soon.

Mondeep - Tomato chilli sauce is a blended sauce you can get it in any super market. Even Heinz do them now.

Green masala recipe can be seen under 'Miscellaneous' category on the blog.

Gheto jee, yes you can replace white pepper powder with black but it will make your gravy look a bit darker.


hi Y

add a tea spoon in each.

Hey, I tried this out it came out fantastic...tho my salan wasnt as smooth as it seems in ur pic and it was QUITE spicy too..but i think it had to do with me using the chinese chilli garlic sauce with the green lid and golden label....cuz i looked in a few shops 4 the chilli garlic ketchup and i cudnt find it..nOt even Heinz...i used half of that sauce and half of normal cuz of the spice i added like a few TBSps of Sugar..but u cudnt really taste it..cuz it was weighing out the Husband lOved the Taste...thats all it Matters :-D...

cool... thanks for letting us know :-) well its always the second try of any new dish that is the best because you learn from your first try.

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