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Thursday, November 09, 2006 

Veg Spring Rolls...

* Finely chopped Cabbage 1/2
* Grated carrot 2
* Noodles 1 cup
* Soya sauce 1 tbsp
* Salt
* Black pepper
* Chilli sauce
* Ready spring rolls sheets 1 pack
* Maida 1 tbsp

Heat a tablespoon of oil. Add cabbage and carrot. Cook till they look transparent.
Add soya sauce, chilli sauce, salt, pepper and noodles.
Cook for 3-4 minutes. Keep aside to let it cool.
Mix 1 tbsp maida into 3-4 tbsp water and make it a paste.
Fold the rolls as directed on the pack and seal them with the maida paste.
You can make rolls and freeze them and fry them frozen whenever you like to.
Fry them on medium heat till they are golden and crispy.
Serve with green chutney and ketchup.

Another yummy looking snack/appetizer for afternoon tea, er, or afternoon the case may be... ;)

oh those spring rolls look lovely!!

many thanks gaijin and nabeela :-)

you can also use egg to seal the rolls.
its quicker and no mess.

Hmm ..mouth watering,can i have a bit

thanks mona for your tip... we did try egg white to seal them and they turned out perfectly fine.

Soumya you are most weclome to be our guest and try them :-)

can u pls. tell me the preparation for the spring roll sheets as these r not readily available here in russia.
getting desperate to try out the recepie.

Can u please tell me what noodles i should use and whether i should boil them 1st, im in the US. Thankx!


Hello Y

You can use any regular egg noodles you can get from the supermarket. Yes you will have to boil them before using them in the rolls.

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